How to increase Adsense CPC

What is CPC and how it works?

Now a days everyone is searching for how to increase adsense CPC,  but actually they do not know what is CPC and how it works. CPC stands for Cost Per Click, It means when some one click on ads which has been placed on your site or blog so google will pay you for that , and it is called CPC.
CPC is actually the bid or rate of a single click on adsense ads. When the advertisers create their campaign so they have to choose an amount for per click and they also have the option to show their ads on some specific keywords. So when someone click on their ads then google adsense charge from them and cut its commission and the remaining amount will be payed to you (Publisher).

How to increase adsense CPC ?

In order to increase your adsense CPC you will have to follow some simple but very important tricks. I am gonna explain these tricks here so to follow them and apply them properly.

 1) Choosing hot niches and high bid keywords

The first and the most important things is Choosing Hot Niches and high bid keywords. Hot Niches means the content which you are going to publish on your site or blog should be the most demanded and unique content. And for that you have to do keyword research properly. You can use  Keyword Revealer  or Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.

2) Block low CPC ads

Here I am gonna show you how to block the ads which are having low CPC.

  • First of all you need to go to Google Adsense Sandbox. and type your blog or website URL in text box and press enter. There will be showed all the ads which are showing on your blogs. So Copy each ads's link. Then you have to go and paste your copied URL or link one by one to check their CPC. Select the country of your choice and hit Enter or click on Search and the click on Ads Tab as shown below.
increase Adsense CPC
  • Check the CPC If it high to go for next one and if you got its CPC low so simply go to your Adsense Dashboard click on Allow & block ads at the top and select the Advertiser URLs tab. And then paste the URL in the text box and click on Block URL.

increase Adsense CPC.

3) Organic Traffic and Proper SEO

It is also a very important step to get your CPC high. Do proper On-Page  and Off-Page SEO for your blog to get rank it in search engine (Read Here about SEO ). Build strong Web2.0 backlink and Social Signals. So that's way you will start getting organic views (visitors) from Search Engine.And When Google detects that your site got ranked and it has organic views from search engine so your CPC will increase itself.

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