How To Make SEO Work For You

SEO On Page Tips:                          

If likened to a building, build a blog then that must first be done is to build a strong foundation so that later the building be sturdy and not easily deterred. As well as build a Blog, the first step that must be taken into consideration is to examine each part (internal) a blog and strive to maintain and set the balance before doing SEO Off Page Optimization. That is why we have to rush in the optimization exit (Off Page), if the initial foundation itself is not yet ready.

how to make seo work for you

Therefore, before proceeding further following the necessary things as starting to build a blog.

Template Selection:

The template is the initial framework where a blog will be built. In this section we are required to get to know more in the character of a template. Do not choose a template only seen from the outside appearance, but it also needs to be seen in the structure of the template is already good and friendly to search engines.
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Heading Tag settings (H1 - H6):

This is an important thing to be arranged. In accordance with the recommended elements to make it more search engine can recognize a blog. Instead, avoid the use of two or more H1 tags on posts and static pages. Furthermore, the new on the subtitles we use Tag H2 (heading 2) and so on until the Heading into smaller ones. simple seo tricksContent or Content:
Content Is King so often discussed by SEO experts around the world. Now the question is what kind of content that could arguably have been included in the category of quality content?
According to some recommendations that unique content is not the result of Copas's why we often hear about assessing quality content. But certainly not enough to simply unique course, there are several other factors that will create quality content into the eyes of search engines.
Menu or Navigation: simple seo tricksMenu or Navigation on the blog can be described as the first step in guiding the visitors to go further into our blog. We can imagine, if a luxury hotel without a receptionist greeters. Guests will not know what the facilities provided at the hotel he visited to make a guest may linger at the hotel. And there is a possibility he will decide to think of looking for another hotel that is able to give recommendations about things that he needs. simple seo tricksThe navigation can be a headline like Contact Page, About, Disclaimer, and do not miss that Sitemap or the Table of Contents as an important part of the blog. Then can also be added to the menu for the category and others. simple seo tricksWith the completion of the menu it will help visitors to find the information he is looking for. As well will be a recommendation from us that will develop into a guiding path for visitors to continue to explore every blog article. simple seo tricksNot only that, a good navigation system would enable a blog that will be shown with Sitelinks in Google's SERP particular. simple seo tricksTitle Posts simple seo tricksTitle posts have an important role and must meet the elements of keywords. In this case the necessary creativity and ideas, as well as the ability to read the potential of keywords that will be typed by prospective visitors on search engines.simple seo tricksAnother element that is important in the determination of the title of the article is a must have relevance to the content of the article in question. For that we can put a widget related articles commonly installed after the end of an article.simple seo tricksNavigation Link Content simple seo tricksOn a blog, a link that connects one to view the first page of another, very important role to improve ranking. This function is similar to the navigation menu has been I mentioned above. Link is useful as a guide for visitors while seeking further information or related. Usually, these links can be in a widget related articles commonly installed after the end of an article. 
Keyword Selection: simple seo tricksKeywords or keywords should be adapted to the topic as well as Article Title. In general, the main keywords that we shoot strives contain elements relevant to the article title and the content. In this case a little addition of words to add to the opportunity to gain visitors who use search engines to find information. But avoid single keywords, because almost all single keyword always going to be tough competition. simple seo tricksLayout settings or Keyword in Content: simple seo tricksOn an article will usually be a few paragraphs, for and set the main keywords in each paragraph with a fitted and balanced. Do not stack keywords on just a few paragraphs. Rangkailah these keywords throughout natural as possible and evenly embedded in some parts of the content.
Similarly, a few tips regarding SEO and How SEO Optimization Techniques On Page on the blog. Hope it is useful. simple seo tricks
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