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In many places on the internet we can get quality links to improve the SEO of a blog or website and achieve greater number of visits. A good example is Social Bookmarking where we got not only the link quality for SEO, but generate traffic automatically.
A site I use often, where On this site after creating your profile, you can pair it with your social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. In my case, besides social profiles, publications are automatically on May 1 Facebook Fan pages. That gives a good boost to each publication.
Learn Link Building
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Another place where you can get a quality link for SEO of your website is on YouTube, you create a channel, you upload a video and then look for the option to link the canal with the blog or website. Thus, a dofollow link is achieved, your job is to get others to follow you on that channel, posting several videos and put several links from social profiles, comments on other channels, a blog or website for added strength.
what is link building in seo
One advantage of a YouTube channel is that you can use to generate traffic (not just for a link quality SEO), these are usually positioned very well, plus the tendency is to view videos. These videos you upload, you can also share your blogs and social networks. learn link building
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If you have no fear of criticism, a strategy that works well is to create controversial content. Those who create debates in forums and social networks comments for and against in the blog, these publications are the more inbound links generated to a website and all for the viral spread that manage to be the subject of debate. learn link building
learn link building
Of those controversial publications I have many in my business blogs and experience I can say that generate good traffic, many comments and are shared in different forums. The only thing is that as they talk about multilevel marketers who are are pure scams, have also been the victim of negative SEO done by the promoters of these businesses. learn link building
learn link building
I recommend you see the other publication on this, and the link is above in this post. The last tip is that when you write an article to reinforce another, their content is a good complement to the information, but always working it from another point of view. In other words, the other and never be the same.
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